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526 - As New

◎ 2,714 ▽ 3,188 - 2019-07-18Details
Description After this you can experience so many things again for the first time... again.
Intended Effect Perception shift to experience more.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is encouraged to experience things as new again. He discusses how we tend to remember things we enjoy well, but things we don't want to learn have to be repeatedly stomped into our memory. He suggests that it would be nice to listen, read, or watch something as if it was the first time. They explain that it is easier than one might think because every day, the listener is a new person with changed experiences. He encourages the listener to let go of expectations and embrace the surprise and emotions that come with experiencing something again. They mention that memories are still there and can make the experience more powerful. He advises the listener to open their eyes, mind, and ears and let the experience flow through them. They assure the listener that their memory is fine and they haven't forgotten anything, but by not thinking about memories, they can enjoy the moment fully. He emphasizes that each time the listener experiences something again, it will be different because they are not the same person. They also mention that as new experiences occur, the listener should let themselves drift and embrace the newness. He concludes by saying that anything the listener has experienced before is in the past and can become a new experience if they understand the trick. They encourage the listener to combine past experiences with something new to create a unique experience. Finally, he counts the listener out of the trance-like state and encourages them to wake up and enjoy everything again.

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