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522 - Marionette

◎ 4,030 ▽ 3,497 - 2019-07-04Details
Description A short, sweet fantasy where you become the replacement puppet in a marionette show.
Intended Effect A doll on strings.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is transported to a show where marionettes are manipulated expertly by a puppeteer. The listener imagines themselves in the audience, watching as one particular doll takes center stage and captivates their attention. Suddenly, the doll falls and the puppeteer selects the listener from the audience to replace the doll. The listener is invited on stage and the puppeteer guides them into becoming a human marionette, attaching strings and clothing to mimic the previous doll. The listener's body goes limp and they are controlled by the puppeteer, performing a beautiful and mesmerizing dance that amazes the audience. The listener is unable to control their own movements and feels like a puppet dancing on strings. When the performance ends, the audience applauds and praises both the listener and the puppeteer. The puppeteer disconnects the threads, leaving the listener with a sense of loss of control. However, the puppeteer gestures for the listener to wake up, expressing satisfaction with their performance.

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