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223 - Secret Message

◎ 5,647 ▽ 4,276 - 2016-09-20Details
Description Is it real, a bluff, or something different altogether?
Intended Effect Intrigue.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is informed by Nimja that there is a secret message hidden throughout the files. The listener is challenged to figure out the message, but it is emphasized that it will not be easy and may require listening deeply with their subconscious. The listener is encouraged to drop deep, listen diligently, and be curious in order to unravel the secrets. Nimja hints at their devious nature and love for puzzles, suggesting that the secret message may be more sinister than expected. The listener is asked if they have found the secret, if they are still looking, and if they will remember to listen deeply. The file ends with the listener being tempted to continue the search and discover the secret message. The final word is "Wake," implying that the listener has been in a trance-like state while listening to the file.

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