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812 - Proud Aftercare

◎ 3,096 ▽ 5,813 - 2022-04-14Details
Description Held and told that you did really well. Especially nice after something intense.
Intended Effect Comfort, care and compliments.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is being provided with aftercare by Nimja. After experiencing intense emotions, suggestions, and experiences, the listener is given a moment to unwind and let their emotions settle. Nimja offers comfort and support by inviting the listener to sit or lay in their arms, wrapping them in a blanket if they're cold. While the listener relaxes, Nimja praises their performance and expresses how proud and impressed they are. The listener is given the freedom to do what feels nice, whether it's closing their eyes and snuggling up, talking about their experience, or simply listening to Nimja's voice. Nimja assures the listener that they don't have to do anything and that they can let the words wash over them. The calm and comfort of the aftercare is emphasized, allowing the listener to fully relax and potentially drift off to sleep. Nimja emphasizes that there is no rush to return to the world and encourages the listener to take all the time they need to rest and recover. The file ends with Nimja expressing their gratitude for being able to take care of the listener and their enjoyment of the gentle moment. Nimja reassures the listener that it doesn't matter what they do next and that they can continue to enjoy the aftercare for as long as they want. The importance of aftercare being tailored to the listener's needs is highlighted, whether it involves crying, drinking water, or going deeper into relaxation. The file concludes by reminding the listener that they have done amazing and they have the choice to stay deep or become more aware. Overall, the listener is provided with a safe and comforting environment to unwind, relax, and recover from the intensity of their previous experience.

FeatureOpen ending
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