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890 - Helping You Sleep

◎ 4,397 ▽ 9,637 - 2023-01-12Details
Description A nice breathing exercise and some progressive relaxation to help you sleep.
Intended Effect Relaxing hypnosis to drift.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a hypnotic session to help them relax and prepare for sleep. He explains that hypnosis is not sleep, but it can lead to a relaxed state that easily transitions into sleep. The listener is instructed to focus on his words and to pick a point to stare at while listening. A simple exercise is introduced where the listener breathes in with their eyes open and breathes out with their eyes closed, imagining their body relaxing with each breath. The listener is encouraged to continue this exercise, gradually relaxing their head and experiencing a tingling sensation starting from their feet and spreading throughout their body. The tingling sensation helps the listener relax even more, and as they continue to breathe and focus, it spreads through their legs, hips, chest, arms, and eventually their entire body. His words and suggestions guide the listener's mind to relax as well. The file ends with he using the word "sleep" to signal the listener's body that it can fall asleep if desired. The listener is instructed to take off their headphones and sleep well.

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