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434 - Coding Induction

◎ 4,161 ▽ 4,553 - 2018-08-30Details
Description An experiment in mental programming, using actual code language.
Intended Effect Let trance = true.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is being guided through a coding induction that will program their mind using programming code and tricks. He mentions that it would be helpful for the listener to have a basic understanding of programming, but they can still attempt to follow along even if they don't. The listener is instructed to focus their mind on his voice and to call their mind's attention back to his voice if it becomes distracted. The listener is then taken through various steps and loops, with instructions to drop certain thoughts, activate their mind's focus, and enter a deep trance. There are mentions of rewards for deep focus and the importance of the listener following his voice. The file ends by instructing the listener to run the program once the file is over.

FeatureOpen ending
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