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912 - Fidget Toy Focus

◎ 1,080 ▽ 1,063 - 2023-03-30Details
Description Playing with a fidget toy or other gizmo can be so relaxing.
Intended Effect Calm time as you fidget.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a hypnotic induction using a fidget toy or object. He encourages the listener to focus on the physical stimulation provided by the fidget toy and allows their mind to relax and become deeply focused on the simple act of fidgeting. He suggests that the listener may enter a trancelike state, where they are completely absorbed in the repetitive motions and sensations of the fidget toy. The listener is reminded that it's okay for their thoughts to drift occasionally, as the goal is to enjoy the imperfections and find relaxation through the fidgeting. He mentions that the trance can be deepened and suggests that the listener can easily enter and exit this state at will. The file ends with he giving the listener the option to continue playing or to wake from the trance, emphasizing that the choice is up to the listener.

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