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758 - Maybe Dreaming

◎ 1,738 ▽ 2,816 - 2021-10-07Details
Description A strange journey of collected sensations that may all fit together like a mixed puzzle.
Intended Effect Confusing narration.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener experiences a dream-like sequence where they find themselves walking on a well-lit street. They feel a tension in the air and are blinded by bright sunlight and streetlights. The dream then transitions into a dark forest path where they feel observed and alone. They follow the scent of flowers towards a distant ruin and are drawn towards a non-existent destination. The dream shifts again to a modern building where the listener feels trapped and tries to run but their legs won't cooperate. They continue to drift deeper into the dream, experiencing different landscapes and scents. Eventually, they find themselves back on the cobblestone streets, guided by the sunset colors and the reflection of a lake. As they walk back to their own consciousness, they reflect on the transient nature of dreams and the uncertainty of reality. The listener realizes that they were heading somewhere in their dream, but now the only place to go is to wake up.

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