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Live 68 - Mental Upgrade

◎ 2,768 ▽ 2,729 - 2022-02-06Details
Description After noticing a few glitches, you decide it's time to upgrade your mind at the nearest store.
Intended Effect Improving your mind, digitally.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is taken on a journey to a mental service store in the future. The listener is experiencing glitches in their mind and decides it is time for an upgrade. They sit down in the store and their mind is switched off, going into a trance. Their thoughts are restructured and cleaned, making room for new possibilities. The store assistant offers to expand the processing power and RAM of their mind, allowing for more flexibility in their imagination. The listener makes their choice and their mind is rebooted to install the changes. However, there are some compatibility issues and the listener is dropped back down for recalibration. After this, their stability and patience get upgraded. The listener finally wakes up and undergoes some tests to ensure the upgrade was successful. They are instructed to repeat certain sentences to test their mind's functionality. Once the tests are complete, the listener is told to wake up, and their mind is completely theirs again. The file concludes with the hope that the upgrade is satisfactory and an invitation to return for future improvements.

CategoriesFantasy, Live
FeaturesFractionation, Participation
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