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272 - Can You Be Hypnotized?

◎ 9,039 ▽ 8,806 - 2017-03-09Details
Description Almost everyone can be hypnotized, want to have a try?
Intended Effect Quick induction.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is informed that almost everyone can be hypnotized and that they frequently enter a hypnotic state when doing mundane or tedious tasks. He suggests that the listener may have experienced this themselves while watching TV late at night or while driving and missing their exit. The listener is also informed that they can hypnotize themselves to improve their ability to absorb information while studying. He then explains that to be hypnotized, the listener should remove distractions and give the process a chance. They provide examples of how to reach a hypnotic state, such as being tired, relaxed, or fully focused on a game. He then guides the listener into a hypnotic state by counting down and instructing them to "drop." The listener is encouraged to focus on his voice and let distractions fade away. After experiencing this state, the listener is guided to wake up from hypnosis. The file concludes by stating that the listener's question about whether they can be hypnotized has hopefully been answered.

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