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39 - Spiral Induction

◎ 4,728 ▽ 4,526 - 2014-09-22Details
Description A good induction for beginners and veterans alike, welcoming my new spiral background (on YouTube).
Intended Effect Deep trance with a spiral.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a hypnotic induction using a spiral. He instructs the listener to focus on the center of the spiral and avoid staring too heavily. As the spiral moves towards the listener, they are encouraged to feel themselves being pulled in, traveling deeper into the spiral. The listener is told to keep their eyes open, even as they become heavier and their vision blurs. His words guide the listener deeper into a trance, and they are instructed to close their eyes and relax. The listener is then taken even deeper into trance, following his suggestions and feeling their mind become completely empty. The listener is brought back to a lighter state, then taken deeper again. He emphasizes the pleasure and obedience of being guided by the spiral and their words. Finally, the listener is awakened and told that they can easily look at the spiral in the future and be guided deep again.

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