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362 - Decorate Your Mind

◎ 2,152 ▽ 3,287 - 2017-12-21Details
Description Let's make your mind a little bit prettier and happier together.
Intended Effect Pretty positive thoughts.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a visualization exercise to decorate their mind. Nimja encourages the listener to imagine their mind as a room and mentally decorate it with their desired objects. As the listener focuses on their mental place, they begin to relax and experience a sense of calm. Nimja assures the listener that they are there to help and will assist in moving and placing decorations. The goal is to create a brighter and nicer mental space that the listener can make their own. The listener is reminded to take their time and do what feels right for them. After the exercise, the listener is gently awakened and praised for their efforts.

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