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798 - No Comment

◎ 2,267 ▽ 2,113 - 2022-02-24Details
Description Will you leave commenting something, or no? Or perhaps something else.
Intended Effect Confusing resistance play.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is introduced to a resistance game where the rules are not immediately clear. They are instructed to listen attentively and participate in the game. He mentions that after the file is done, the listener will be asked to do something as part of the game. The listener is then told that they will be hypnotized and encouraged to resist. He describes the concept of trying and the idea of failing with effort. The listener is asked to imagine trying to lift their hand against an invisible force. He discusses the nature of hypnosis and compares it to meditation or focus. They emphasize the idea that this is a game and that the listener is actively participating. He mentions that the rules will be explained later and that the listener may stumble deeper into a labyrinth of words and phrases. The listener is encouraged to go deeper and let go. He mentions that some people feel the need to comment or reply, while others may leave no comment as a comment itself. The listener is told that only those who are too deep to comment at all would not leave anything. He suggests that the listener is awake and aware and may want to show that they are not deep by commenting with no comment. The listener is told to enjoy themselves and feel good, regardless of whether they comment or not. The file ends with a reminder that the listener is awake and aware and may want to do something about the file ending.

CategoriesInduction, Effect
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