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698 - The Seven Stages Of Trance

◎ 3,572 ▽ 4,173 - 2021-03-11Details
Description Hypnosis is a curious and very enjoyable experience.
Intended Effect Nice deep trance after letting go.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through the seven stages of trance. It starts with curiosity, where the listener wonders about hypnosis and what it entails. Then, the listener moves to resistance, feeling hesitant about participating and giving up control. However, fascination takes over, and the listener becomes intrigued by the possibilities and the focus of the mind during trance. Temptation follows, as the listener considers trying it out and experiencing the deep hypnotic state. The stage of relaxation comes next, where the listener feels the rhythm of the words guiding them into a deeper state of trance and experiences physical and mental relaxation. This leads to exhaustion, as the listener finds it tiring to resist the relaxation and prefers to let their thoughts quiet down. Finally, the listener reaches acceptance, fully embracing the trance experience and enjoying the blankness of the mind. The file ends with a suggestion for the listener to continue exploring and practicing trance at their own pace.

FeatureOpen ending
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