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990 - Still Thinking For You

◎ 3,125 ▽ 3,684 - 2023-12-28Details
Description A gentle way for you to let go of your thoughts as I take over for a while.
Intended Effect More open to my suggestions and very blank.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is encouraged to let go of their thoughts and responsibilities, allowing he (Nimja) to do the thinking for them. The listener is guided through a countdown and instructed to relax and sink deeper into a state of blankness and openness. He emphasizes the simplicity of letting go and encourages the listener to continue to deepen their relaxation. Throughout the file, the listener is reminded that their body and mind will automatically respond to the words and that they will awaken refreshed when his voice no longer follows. Overall, the file aims to provide a sense of relief and relaxation by allowing the listener to temporarily relinquish their mental burdens.

FeatureOpen ending
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