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454 - Plushie Transformation

◎ 4,126 ▽ 4,423 - 2018-11-08Details
Description Transform into the plushie shape of your choice and become extra cuddly and fuzzy.
Intended Effect Fluffy, empty and simple.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a transformation into a plushie of their choice. They are encouraged to imagine the shape, color, and characteristics of the plushie they desire to become. He emphasizes the relaxation and emptiness that plushies embody, describing them as soft, cuddly, and always ready for hugs. The listener is instructed to let their mind and body relax, allowing their thoughts and unconscious to work together with he to facilitate the transformation. He highlights the simplicity and carefree nature of being a plushie, encouraging the listener to embrace the fluffy, empty, and comforting sensations. The file ends with the listener being given the option to continue their existence as a plushie or drift into sleep.

CategoriesInduction, Transformation
FeatureOpen ending
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