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374 - Feeling Tipsy

◎ 4,114 ▽ 5,431 - 2018-02-01Details
Description Just a simple bit of hypnosis to make you feel a bit tipsy, happy and silly.
Intended Effect Easy fractionation.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a hypnosis session to experience the feeling of being tipsy without alcohol. He explains that through a technique called fractionation, they will repeatedly wake and drop the listener into a fuzzy state of mind. The listener is instructed to pay attention and follow along, and as the session progresses, they begin to feel more and more tipsy. He emphasizes the playfulness and happiness associated with being tipsy and encourages the listener to enjoy the experience. The file ends by assuring the listener that they will wake up after the session feeling a little bit different, but that it is okay to simply enjoy the lingering tipsy feeling.

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