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166 - Feeling Confident

◎ 2,844 ▽ 4,524 - 2016-03-03Details
Description Sometimes you need some help to trust in your abilities.
Intended Effect Confidence boost.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided by Nimja to feel more confident. Nimja explains that feeling confident is not about never making mistakes, but rather about dealing with them and growing from them. The listener is guided into a deep trance and is encouraged to trust in Nimja's abilities to guide them and put them in a nice trance. The listener is then taken deeper into trance through a countdown. Nimja emphasizes the importance of accepting mistakes and trusting in one's abilities. The listener is encouraged to repeat affirmations about accepting mistakes and trusting in their abilities. They are reminded that mistakes are a part of life and they can learn from them. The listener is guided to feel more confident and strong in their abilities to deal with life. They are encouraged to embrace the lessons and not give up when something goes wrong. The file ends with Nimja waking the listener and reminding them to feel refreshed, confident, and strong, and to remember the lessons learned.

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