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902 - Revivification

◎ 1,148 ▽ 1,277 - 2023-02-23Details
Description Remember that time when you felt really good?
Intended Effect Revive a memory, vividly.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided by Nimja to remember a pleasant and enjoyable memory. The listener is encouraged to focus on the details of the memory, such as whether they were alone or with people, inside or outside, and the time of day. Nimja instructs the listener to let the feeling of the memory spread through their body and to focus on the different elements connected to that memory, such as smells and sounds. The more the listener remembers the good feeling, the stronger it becomes. They are encouraged to let their feelings flow and their mind drift as they revive the feeling of the memory. The file ends with Nimja counting up and waking the listener, hoping that it was a good memory and encouraging them to enjoy it.

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