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926 - Spiral Staircase Induction

◎ 1,679 ▽ 2,111 - 2023-05-18Details
Description A simple, gentle induction from a busy place to calm and peaceful.
Intended Effect Teaching trance and setting a fall trigger.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a visualization exercise called the Spiral Staircase Induction. The induction takes the listener from a busy and chaotic party atmosphere to a calm and peaceful place. The listener is encouraged to imagine themselves at the party, feeling overwhelmed, and then finding a door that leads to a spiral staircase. As they descend the staircase, the sounds and sensations from the party gradually fade away, allowing the listener to relax and let go of any responsibilities. The experience of walking down the spiral staircase is described as a journey into deeper calmness and tranquility. The listener is encouraged to take their time and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Eventually, they reach the bottom of the staircase, where they can choose to explore even deeper levels of calmness and letting go. The file also mentions that the listener is in a hypnotic state, making them more open to suggestions for relaxation and deeper trance. After a period of time, the listener is guided back up the spiral staircase and brought back to reality feeling refreshed and recharged. The file concludes with he thanking the listener for listening.

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