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886 - Thought Quota Exceeded

◎ 2,661 ▽ 3,496 - 2022-12-29Details
Description You've been doing too much thinking lately, haven't you?
Intended Effect Pausing to recharge after thinking too much.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a hypnotic session focused on the concept of exceeding their thought quota. He suggests that the listener has been doing a lot of thinking lately, which has made them tired. They explain that everyone has a limited number of thoughts they can have before their brain overloads and stops. The listener is encouraged to imagine what would happen if they were to run out of thoughts, with their body and mind pausing and waiting for their mind to reboot or recharge. He emphasizes that the listener is currently close to running out of thoughts and may even feel it happening. They describe a countdown, with the last percentages of the listener's mind slowly draining until they reach 1 and their thoughts drop, stop, and pause for a while to recharge. He wonders how it feels for the listener and suggests that they will start to wake up as their thoughts begin to trickle back in. The listener is assured that this pausing and recharging is necessary to conserve energy and deal with things more efficiently. He explains that the deeper the listener goes into trance, the better their recovery will be. They emphasize that these breaks will make the listener more effective and productive, providing them with energy and helping them feel more comfortable afterwards. He counts down the last percentages of the listener's mind again, encouraging them to drop, stop, and recharge. The listener is praised for their recharging and reminded that they have exceeded their thought quota. He reassures the listener that they will feel refreshed and energized when they wake up, as they have done some very nice recharging during the session. Finally, the listener is welcomed back and encouraged to wake up feeling recharged and well.

FeaturesFractionation, Amnesia
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