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922 - Brainwashing Force

◎ 4,098 ▽ 4,280 - 2023-05-04Details
Description Let yourself follow the flow and carried on the current of this mysterious force.
Intended Effect More easily hypnotized by me (and others you trust).

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is introduced to the concept of a mysterious force called the brainwashing force. He explains that this force is capable of changing the listener without their awareness. He describes how this force can be experienced as a tingling sensation or an eagerness to go along with the words being spoken. The listener is encouraged to relax and let themselves be manipulated by the brainwashing force, allowing their thoughts to be directed and their mind to be controlled. He mentions that the listener may feel a sense of fantasy or excitement about being brainwashed or mind controlled. The listener is guided into a trance-like state and is told that it feels nice to let go and be hypnotized. Throughout the file, he emphasizes the ease and enjoyment of being brainwashed and suggests that the listener will become more easily hypnotized with practice. The listener is repeatedly brought in and out of trance, with he counting them up and down. He also encourages the listener to resist waking up and to go even deeper into trance. The listener is told that going into trance feels good, makes their mind empty and quiet, and allows them to follow the flow of the brainwashing force. He mentions that the listener may experience blankness interspersed with random thoughts that quickly fade away. The listener is told to remember the experience and is encouraged to listen to more in the future. The file ends with he expressing curiosity about how much the listener will enjoy the experience next time.

FeaturesFractionation, Amnesia
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