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992 - Another Tea With Nimja

◎ 1,946 ▽ 1,702 - 2024-01-04Details
Description Once you get me going about hypnosis, I might ramble a bit.
Intended Effect Conversational and playful trance.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is sharing a tea with Nimja at a café. Nimja reflects on the power of hypnosis and how it fascinates them. They discuss the different effects of hypnosis, including catalepsy and relaxation. Nimja rambles about the simplicity of enjoying a conversation and the calming effect of certain voices. The listener is encouraged to let themselves drift and enjoy the moment, as Nimja continues to talk about the various aspects of hypnosis. They mention programming as a metaphor for hypnosis and the different states of trance that can be achieved. Nimja discusses the enjoyment and deepening of trance, as well as the beauty of silence and the taste of tea. They acknowledge that there is no pressure to be deep into trance to enjoy it, and they suggest a countdown to deepen relaxation if desired. Nimja continues to chat and acknowledges that the listener may return to a more aware state if their voice doesn't follow them. The file ends with Nimja expressing gratitude for the listener's time and inviting them to continue to enjoy themselves.

CategoriesInduction, Fantasy
FeatureOpen ending
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