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502 - Side Effects May Include

◎ 5,472 ▽ 4,607 - 2019-04-25Details
Description Listening to a hypnotic file may have all kinds of effects, including some (un)expected.
Intended Effect Recognizing a trance.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through the various side effects that may occur while listening or doing hypnosis. The main effects of hypnosis, such as increased focus, relaxation, and openness to suggestions, are described as beneficial. The file explains that hypnosis can evoke complex feelings and states of trance, which are common and can happen without the listener realizing. The side effects mentioned include drowsiness, a feeling of blinking and fluttering eyelids, a sensation of falling into trance, blushing, warmth spreading through the body, a loss of focus, and a deep feeling of listening. The listener is encouraged to let go and relax, as hypnosis is described as a guideline for the mind to follow. The file concludes by giving the listener the choice to awaken or continue listening for further enjoyment.

FeatureOpen ending
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