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250 - Narrative Induction

◎ 3,087 ▽ 4,009 - 2016-12-22Details
Description Let me tell you a short story about a friend who got wonderfully hypnotized.
Intended Effect Third person induction.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is initially skeptical about hypnosis but agrees to be hypnotized over Skype as an experiment. He explains that hypnosis is safe and natural, similar to sleeping, and that it is something the listener already experiences frequently, such as when studying or watching TV. He guides the listener into a relaxed state, describing the feeling as being like zoning out in front of the TV. The listener nods and agrees to relax further and go deeper into the trance-like state. He counts down from ten to one, with each number representing the listener going deeper into relaxation. The listener is told to drop into trance, and the file ends with the listener being given the choice to either continue listening or awaken refreshed.

FeatureOpen ending
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