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21 - Beautiful Repeat

◎ 2,409 ▽ 4,067 - 2014-05-25Details
Description Feel better about yourself, repeating my words.
Intended Effect Improve self-image through repetition.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a repeating exercise where they are instructed to repeat the words and sentences spoken by he. As they continue to repeat, the listener's body and mind begin to relax. They start to feel their mind and legs relaxing, and as they repeat, their body and mind continue to relax further. The listener finds themselves repeating without thinking or hesitation, and their mind becomes blank. They let go of their thoughts and body, and continue to repeat, feeling their mind become heavy and blank. They are encouraged to forgive themselves and let go of guilt for making mistakes. The listener's head becomes empty and obedient, and they repeat without hesitation. They affirm that they are a good person and that everything they say and repeat is true. They also affirm that they are worth attention and time, but they will give people space and learn to forgive themselves as they forgive others. The listener continues to repeat without thoughts or hesitation, taking responsibility for their mistakes and learning from them. They affirm that they are beautiful and good, and they will forgive themselves completely. The file ends with he counting the listener back up, bringing them out of the trance and stating that they will feel incredibly good after waking up. The listener is reminded that listening to this recording will continue to make them feel better about themselves, and they are encouraged to be responsible, beautiful, and good. He congratulates the listener and concludes the file.

FeaturesParticipation, Obedience
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