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892 - Memory Capacity Exceeded

◎ 3,136 ▽ 3,119 - 2023-01-19Details
Description Messing with your moment-to-moment perception is a very strange experience.
Intended Effect Short-term memory loss and confusion.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is subjected to an audio file called "Memory Capacity Exceeded" by Nimja. The file is described as an effect that will make it difficult for the listener to hold onto thoughts and remember recent events. The importance of short-term memory and its role in constructing sentences and structures is emphasized. The listener is encouraged to be aware of their short-term memory and how it interacts with the audio. They are instructed to remember key phrases that will be important later. The phrases are described as puzzle pieces that fit into a bigger picture. The listener is reminded that their memory capacity can be exceeded, resulting in short-term memory loss. The file repeats the phrases multiple times, emphasizing their significance. As the file continues, the listener's memory capacity is said to be exceeded, causing thoughts to become fragmented and difficult to piece together. The listener is encouraged to be aware of this process, even if their awareness is interrupted. The file concludes by stating that short-term memory is temporary and that the listener will struggle to piece together thoughts and memories. However, it is also noted that the aftereffect of the file can be felt for minutes. The listener is advised to try reading or doing something while in this state. The file ends with the listener being awakened from their state of unawareness and encouraged to enjoy their moments of having their memory capacity exceeded.

CategoriesInduction, Effect
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