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Live 3 - Floating Fantasy

◎ 2,313 ▽ 3,120 - 2016-03-06Details
Description Recorded during the live event: Relaxing fantasy of floating and swimming with mermaids.
Intended Effect Deeply relaxing floating.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a relaxation exercise involving the feeling of floating. The listener is instructed to imagine themselves in a tank of salt water, feeling weightless and relaxed. They are then guided through a process of waking and floating, experiencing the sensation of tension and relaxation. The listener is then embraced and cuddled, enhancing their relaxation. They are then told a story about swimming with mermaids and participating in a race. The story culminates in the listener dropping off a waterfall and landing in the sea, feeling victorious and relaxed. The listener continues to float deeper into the sea, feeling calm and powerful. Finally, the listener is awakened and encouraged to remember their relaxing dreams.

CategoriesInduction, Fantasy, Transformation, Live
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