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986 - Constant Pull

◎ 1,891 ▽ 2,230 - 2023-12-14Details
Description Just like gravity, the pull of trance is always there as soon as you relax.
Intended Effect Easier going into trance.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided into a state of trance by the hypnotist Nimja. Nimja describes trance as a constant pull, similar to gravity, that is always present but often goes unnoticed. The listener is invited to imagine the feeling of sinking, relaxing, and letting go into this constant pull of hypnosis. Nimja emphasizes that relaxation is a skill that can be practiced and that the more the listener does it, the easier it becomes. The trance state is described as a gradual, effortless transition, similar to falling asleep. Throughout the file, the listener is encouraged to embrace the constant pull and enjoy the sensations of hypnosis. Finally, Nimja brings the listener back to full wakefulness, noting the difference in awareness and the effort required to stay awake compared to the ease of going back into trance. The file concludes with the reminder that the constant pull is always there, ready to be embraced and enjoyed.

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