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318 - Homesick

◎ 1,290 ▽ 2,171 - 2017-07-20Details
Description You're not alone in feeling homesick. It's okay to cry.
Intended Effect Homesickness aid.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a relaxation exercise to help cope with the feeling of homesickness. He acknowledges that feeling homesick is not pleasant and can be painful, but assures the listener that it is a normal feeling. The listener is encouraged to relax and picture their home, recalling a moment when they felt most at home. He emphasizes that even though the listener may be far away from home, they carry a part of it with them through memories. The listener is advised to find ways to connect with home, such as writing a message or hearing familiar voices, to feel closer to it. He also encourages the listener to make their home proud by doing their best wherever they are and reminds them that their home will wait for their return. Additionally, the listener is reminded that they can make new homes wherever they go as long as they bring their heart with them. He concludes by expressing faith in the listener's strength and encouraging them to embrace their home and keep the memories firmly planted in their mind.

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