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476 - Wake Up Refreshed

◎ 3,112 ▽ 4,880 - 2019-01-24Details
Description A soft gentle depth from which you are awakened with refreshing energy.
Intended Effect Refreshing waking.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a hypnosis session to help them wake up feeling refreshed. He instructs the listener to focus on their words and allows their mind to enter a trance-like state. The listener is encouraged to let his voice spread through their body, awakening every part of them. As the listener continues to focus on the words, their mind becomes less active, and they enter a deeply relaxed state. He then counts from one to ten, with each count filling the listener with more energy. By the time the count reaches ten, the listener is instructed to wake up and feel energized and ready for the day. The file ends with he wishing the listener good luck.

CategoryWake up
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