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581 - Invisible Influence

◎ 11,889 ▽ 9,040 - 2020-01-28Details
Description Nobody really knows why and when those touches began...
Intended Effect Teased, possessed and coerced.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is being influenced by he, Nimja. He describes how they have the power to control the listener's body through invisible touches. The listener starts to feel these touches all over their skin, starting with a soft caress on their calf. The touches become more intense and intimate, arousing the listener. The influence also begins to control the listener's body, moving their hand and arm into compromising positions. The listener is forced to pleasure themselves under the control of the influence. The influence teases and pleases the listener, pushing them to the edge of pleasure. The listener's body is completely controlled by the influence, even their moans feel distant and alien. The influence brings the listener to the brink of pleasure and then stops, leaving them frozen and frustrated. This cycle continues, with the listener being commanded to touch themselves and then being stopped again. The file ends with a countdown, and the listener is either guided to go deeper into the influence or to awaken from the possession.

CategoriesInduction, Fantasy, Effect
FeaturesParticipation, Open ending, Arousal, Obedience
DisclaimerThis is erotic fetish fantasy, not reality. Enjoy!
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