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Description This file will include language that puts you into a hypnotic state.
Intended Effect Blank stares, drifty thoughts and more.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is warned that the file they are about to listen to will put them into a hypnotic state. He describes the symptoms of being in a deep trance, such as blank stares, drifty thoughts, and a feeling of deep comfort. They assure the listener that it is safe to listen and that they can awaken at any time if they desire. He intentionally uses confusing language to cause the listener's thoughts to drift and become distracted. They mention that the longer the listener listens, the more deeply affected they will be by the words. He encourages the listener to allow themselves to lose control and enjoy the feeling of nothingness. They continue to speak in a manner that guides the listener deeper into trance and warns that the language used will allow the listener to drift into a deeper state. He emphasizes that it is up to the listener how much they experience and that it is normal to drift in and out of attention. The listener is encouraged to embrace the relaxing state and to allow their thoughts to stop. He reminds the listener that they can choose to wake at any time. They continue to speak in a way that guides the listener into a deeper state of trance and describes it as a wonderful deep slide. He mentions that with practice, entering trance becomes easier and that some people can achieve a deep state with just a single drop. The listener is encouraged to let the feelings wash over them and to experience the trance fully. He describes the trance as a quiet in the mind and compares it to meditation. They use imagery and language to create a dream-like state and describe the experience as a beautiful weave. The listener is reminded that the longer they listen, the easier it becomes and that they are being guided into a hypnotic state. He asks if the listener can find the room of silence and open the door to a simple place of emptiness. They mention that the listener has done well in allowing themselves to enjoy the experience and that they will have a moment to wake after the recording. The file ends with a countdown to wakefulness and a reminder that hypnotic language can lead into trance.

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