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488 - Seeing Sound

◎ 1,976 ▽ 3,177 - 2019-03-07Details
Description Experience some synesthesia as you become more aware of sound.
Intended Effect Patterns by sound.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided by Nimja to become more aware of the sounds around them. They are encouraged to close their eyes and listen to Nimja's voice, focusing on its cadence and rhythm. As they listen, they become aware of other sounds in the background and foreground, but these sounds do not distract from Nimja's voice. The listener is instructed to become more immersed in the act of listening, allowing themselves to vibrate and respond to the sound. They are compared to an echo chamber, where sounds travel and resonate. The more they hear, the more their surroundings seem to disappear, and each sound becomes rich and vibrant. The listener is encouraged to let their mind wander and feel the sound deep inside. They are guided to imagine the shapes and patterns that sound creates, and how they can see them with their eyes closed. The listener is reminded that their mind is a powerful place, capable of both listening and seeing. They are instructed to imagine closing and opening their eyes in their mind, becoming more aware of the shapes of sound. The more they see and hear, the more beautiful the sound becomes. The listener is told that they can enjoy seeing sound for as long as they find it enjoyable, and they have the choice to share what they see and hear. The file ends with a countdown to wake the listener up and encourages them to have fun.

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