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262 - Recovery Care

◎ 4,270 ▽ 4,266 - 2017-02-02Details
Description Trance or hypnosis doesn't always go well. This is here to help you out.
Intended Effect Deep rescue.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a recovery care session after experiencing an abreaction or negative experience with hypnosis. Nimja emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and trusting one's feelings. They offer comfort and care through a simple conversation and guide the listener through calming breathing exercises to help them calm down. He also suggests techniques for calming the mind, such as focusing on breathing and listening to someone talk. They assure the listener that participation is voluntary and that they have the right to refuse or participate as they choose. He then leads the listener through a grounding exercise to help them focus and get back into the present moment. They remind the listener that it's okay to seek help and that there are resources available, including reset files and aftercare files, to aid in the recovery process. He concludes the session with a comforting and positive message, encouraging the listener to learn from their mistakes and offering virtual hugs. They express their hope that the session has been helpful and offer a final wake-up message.

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