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43 - Soft Reset

◎ 3,979 ▽ 5,013 - 2014-10-05Details
Description WARNING - This file will remove all active and post-hypnotic effects, but will NOT remove trance triggers inside files.
Intended Effect A clear head, but still easily able to trance with my (or other) recordings.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a process called a soft reset by Nimja, a hypnotist. The purpose of this process is to remove all post hypnotic effects and triggers that are not contained within hypnotic audio files. The listener is advised to have previously listened to Nimja's voice and undergone at least one induction. They are then guided into a trance and asked to imagine a simple slate in front of them. They are instructed to write down any current effects or behaviors that are outside of the normal way of life on the slate. After finishing the slate, they are taken deeper into the trance and the slate is washed clean, symbolizing the removal of any triggers or suggestions that are not contained within the audio files. The listener is assured that they will still easily go into trance when listening to the files, but any external triggers or suggestions will no longer affect them. The listener is told that if they want certain effects to happen again, they will have to listen to the file once more. The file ends with the listener being counted up and awakened, with the option to listen to the file again if there are lingering effects. The soft reset is described as a way to clear and free the listener to continue unabated.

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