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155 - Bratty Bedtime

◎ 5,996 ▽ 6,891 - 2016-01-28Details
Description Of course it's never fun to have to go to bed, but perhaps I can give you a better place to play.
Intended Effect Inspired dreams.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided to bed and encouraged to embrace the world of dreams. He acknowledges the listener's playful nature and reassures them that in dreams, they can play without getting into trouble. The listener is instructed to close their eyes, take deep breaths, and relax. He then counts them down into a deeper state of relaxation and encourages them to explore their dreams. The listener is told that they can play in various dreamscapes and even play with he. They are reminded that dreams are a place where they can be anything they want without judgment. Finally, the listener is counted down one last time and instructed to sleep, ending the file.

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