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998 - Sweet Sleep Therapy

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Description When you can't sleep, comfort and headpats are only a few doors away.
Intended Effect Letting go of thoughts and emotions for a restful sleep.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener in this file is seeking help with falling asleep and enters his office for sweet sleep therapy. He guides the listener into a hypnotic trance and leads them to a comfortable chair where they can relax. He covers the listener with a blanket and strokes their head soothingly. The listener's thoughts begin to fade, and they enter a state of calm. He assures the listener that they are safe and takes care of them. Eventually, he lifts the listener from the chair and carries them back to their bed. The listener feels a sense of floating as they are placed in their bed and tucked in. He continues to stroke the listener's head and helps them fall into a deep sleep. The file concludes with the listener being encouraged to take off their headphones and sleep peacefully.

CategoriesSleep, Fantasy
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