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338 - Total Immersion

◎ 4,827 ▽ 5,333 - 2017-09-28Details
Description Become part of whatever you're watching after this. No matter what it is, nice or naughty.
Intended Effect Immersion into any character.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided into a state of deep trance by he, Nimja. He talks quickly and encourages the listener to follow along with every word and sentence, allowing themselves to become confused and affected by the words. The listener is instructed to let their mind become completely blank and empty, ready to receive the commands and programming for total immersion. He emphasizes that the listener will choose a character to identify with or want to be with, and they will feel what that character feels while watching videos or other media. The listener is assured that everything they feel will be as real as if it happened to them, and the experience of watching becomes a whole new immersive experience. The more the listener listens to this file, the easier and more complete the immersion will become. The listener is taken deeper into trance, counting down from ten to one, and is told to drop into a deep state of immersion. He suggests that the listener's perspective will shift, and they will feel mentally and physically immersed in the experience. The listener is instructed to absorb all the details of what they are watching, allowing the sensations to become more vivid and real. The listener will become the character they choose and their thoughts and feelings will align with that character. The more the listener succumbs to the feeling of immersion, the more intense and easy it becomes. The file ends with the listener being woken up and reminded that whatever they watch after this will be their target for total immersion.

CategoriesInduction, Effect
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