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130 - Haunted House

◎ 1,962 ▽ 2,629 - 2015-10-22Details
Description A scary file that will make you believe that your house is haunted.
Intended Effect The jitters.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is warned that the following audio file will make them very aware of the little noises and things happening around them, particularly in their own house. The listener is given the option to stop listening if they are afraid or prefer not to be afraid. However, assuming that the listener enjoys feeling frightened and not being entirely sure of what is happening, the file proceeds to explain that a good scare is like a surprise that momentarily induces fear but ultimately makes one smile or even laugh. This particular audio file is different because it will linger in the listener's mind for quite some time, causing them to wonder what is going on whenever they hear strange or unexplainable noises. The listener is then put into a trance, and as they try to figure out the noises and distractions around them, they become more and more entranced by the voice. The file counts down, pulling the listener deeper into their subconscious, likening it to descending into a dark, scary basement. The listener's senses become heightened, and they start noticing every little sound and abnormality in their surroundings. They are encouraged to embrace the fear and enjoy the experience, knowing that it is for their enjoyment and excitement, similar to stepping into a haunted house. The file concludes by suggesting that the listener has entered a world beyond their familiarity, where reality is not as innocent, and he will enjoy observing the listener's behavior and reactions. The listener is told that they will thank he for the experience, as there is nothing quite like a good scare. The file ends with a countdown to wake the listener, leaving them to enjoy their newfound awareness of shadows and the unknown.

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