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240 - Simple Wake Up

◎ 2,850 ▽ 4,644 - 2016-11-17Details
Description A simple, useful wake-up file for after those long, intense playlists.
Intended Effect Just waking up.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is initially in a trance, floating and drifting while listening to Nimja's voice. However, it is time for the listener to wake up. Nimja counts the listener up from 1 to 10, with each count making the listener more aware and awake. Nimja explains that with repeated listening, waking up becomes easier. The listener is encouraged to count themselves up from 1 to 10 if they are ever unsure if they are in a trance. After counting up, the listener gradually becomes more aware of their breathing, mind, and body, feeling refreshed and energized. Finally, they are told to flutter their eyes a few times and wake up comfortably, refreshed, and ready to rejoin the world. The file concludes with Nimja mentioning the possibility of future sessions.

CategoryWake up
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