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950 - Invisible Threads

◎ 1,212 ▽ 1,287 - 2023-08-10Details
Description Unseen supports that stay for a while as long as you're comfortable.
Intended Effect Support or helping to move you.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided to imagine the sensation of invisible threads softly wrapping around their wrists, ankles, and chest. They are encouraged to relax their arms and feel the support of the imaginary threads pulling gently on their wrists, lifting their arms slightly. The same sensation is then applied to their ankles and chest. The listener is assured that the threads will stay as long as they are comfortable and can be released by saying or thinking "reset." The file ends by counting the listener back up and assuring them that the threads will continue to support and guide their movements.

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