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Live 30 - Courage To Change

◎ 1,747 ▽ 2,751 - 2018-08-05Details
Description A story about my childhood together with help on how to inspire change in yourself.
Intended Effect Inspiration to change yourself.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is taken on a journey through his personal experiences with change and the courage it requires. He shares a story about their struggles with fitting in and being bullied during their school years, and how they initially believed they had to accept the situation and not try to change themselves or others. However, as they grew older and faced similar challenges in the workplace, they realized the importance of self-reflection and the willingness to change their behaviors. He emphasizes that change is a gradual process and requires courage, but it is necessary for personal growth and finding acceptance. They encourage the listener to embrace change, seek help from others, and learn from their mistakes along the way. He concludes by expressing their confidence in the listener's ability to change and improve, and urges them to continue setting new goals and striving for personal growth.

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