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52 - Black Cat Transformation

◎ 6,104 ▽ 5,034 - 2014-10-18Details
Description Cursed by a witch to be transformed into a black cat. You might as well embrace it.
Intended Effect Emotional and physical transformation into a black cat.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is informed that they have been cursed by a witch and will eventually transform into a black cat. The listener is told that the effects of the spell are already inside them and will happen regardless of their efforts to deny it. As they listen to the voice, they feel a tingling sensation in their chest that spreads throughout their body. They are encouraged to relax and embrace the changes that are occurring. The file describes the listener's body gradually transforming, growing fur, and becoming smaller in size. The listener's thoughts begin to slip away, and they feel more feline in nature. They are guided to embrace their new form and enjoy the sensations of being a cat. The file ends with the listener being awakened, but they are instructed to meow once more before fully waking up.

CategoriesFantasy, Transformation
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