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Live 35 - Feeling Calm

◎ 1,893 ▽ 3,635 - 2019-02-03Details
Description A journey of imagination into all kinds of things that can be wonderfully calm.
Intended Effect Dreamy calm.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through various ways to feel calm and relaxation. He suggests different images, thoughts, and sounds that can induce a sense of calm, such as the purring of a cat, the rhythmic cadence of rain, the scent of flowers, and the crackling of a campfire. The listener is encouraged to explore their own personal preferences for what brings them calm and to embrace those moments. He guides the listener to a deep state of calm and encourages them to focus on their own breath as a way to remember and revisit that calm feeling. The file concludes by counting the listener back to wakefulness and welcomes them back.

CategoriesInduction, Effect, Live
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