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664 - Simple Hypnosis Recipe

◎ 3,055 ▽ 3,860 - 2020-11-12Details
Description Easy-to-follow instructions for the perfect trance.
Intended Effect Wonderfully chill in under 10 minutes.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a simple hypnosis recipe to achieve a trance-like state. He provides instructions on gathering the necessary ingredients such as a soothing voice, background music, headphones, a comfortable place, dim lighting, privacy, suggestions, and a countdown. The listener is encouraged to relax and follow the instructions, allowing their mind to dissolve into a clear solution. He emphasizes the importance of paying attention and not getting distracted, as well as the uniqueness of each listening experience. The file ends with the suggestion for the listener to enjoy the trance experience on their own.

FeatureOpen ending
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