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688 - Terrible Hypnotist Fantasy

◎ 4,973 ▽ 4,285 - 2021-02-04Details
Description Listen to a story of an audio file of an induction that really shouldn't have worked.
Intended Effect Hypnotized by a terrible hypnotist.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is introduced to a hypnosis audio file called "Terrible Hypnotist Fantasy" by Nimja. Nimja describes the audio as a story and instructs the listener to close their eyes and imagine what will follow. Nimja explains that they came across an online audio file that caught their attention due to its suspected hidden elements. The listener is then guided through a scenario where they encounter a street hypnotist who attempts to hypnotize them using a pocket watch. Nimja acknowledges that this wouldn't work on anyone, including the listener, but invites them to enjoy the experience and embrace the feeling of being hypnotized. The listener is encouraged to focus on the swinging watch, allowing their thoughts to drift away and enter a state of nothingness. Nimja uses snaps of their fingers to deepen the trance and make the listener unaware of the outside world. The listener is told that their mind is under Nimja's control, but reassured that they still have agency over their own thoughts. As the file progresses, Nimja continues to deepen the trance, causing the listener's thoughts to drop away and leaving them in a state of blissful emptiness. Nimja emphasizes that the listener can wake up at any time, but encourages them to continue enjoying the hypnotic experience. The file concludes with Nimja counting down from 10 to nothing, further blanking the listener's mind and allowing them to fully embrace the trance. The listener is given the option to enjoy the trance as long as they want, and if Nimja's voice continues, they can go even deeper. If Nimja's voice stops, the listener will wake up but still remember the experience. The file ends with the instruction to enjoy the trance.

CategoriesInduction, Fantasy
FeaturesFractionation, Open ending, Amnesia
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