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672 - Puppy Park Walk

◎ 2,968 ▽ 2,953 - 2020-12-10Details
Description A nice afternoon in the park, with some fetch, running and nice walking.
Intended Effect Running your thoughts away.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is taken on a virtual walk to Puppy Park. The listener is instructed to imagine a simple park with grass, trees, and a small lake/pond. The listener is encouraged to feel the excitement of a playful puppy, exploring and chasing things. They are asked to imagine entering the park calmly before being tempted by a ball thrown by he. The listener is urged to run after the ball and bring it back, experiencing the joy of running. After some time, the listener is called back by he to continue walking. The listener's attention is then captured by the sound of birds and their desire to chase them. He prevents the listener from running into the water and continues walking with them. The listener's attention is then drawn to the trees and the patterns made by the grass in the wind. The listener is eventually released and runs off in a random direction, following the path. He calls them back to prevent them from getting lost. Finally, the listener reaches a big field where they are encouraged to run freely. They run and run until they are exhausted, feeling lighter with every step. The listener eventually slows down and returns to he, who throws the ball again. The listener retrieves the ball, but this time they are more tired. The purpose of the walk was to tire the listener out and create a blissful calm inside of them. The rest of the walk is slow and gentle, allowing the listener to relax their mind and body. The walk ends and the listener can remain curled up or wake up with a clear and rested mind. The listener is reminded to have fun and to remember to run sometimes.

CategoriesFantasy, Transformation
FeatureOpen ending
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