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864 - Eerie Whispers

◎ 2,041 ▽ 2,413 - 2022-10-13Details
Description Maybe you've been listening a little too much and you are imagining more being said...
Intended Effect Strange induction and hearing whispers.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is being hypnotized through the use of words and whispers. He asks the listener if they have been listening to hypnosis content and suggests that they may have been overdoing it. He describes how some people imagine certain words and concepts while listening to hypnosis, almost as if they are hearing voices or whispers. He assures the listener that there are ways to overcome this and focus on the task at hand. They encourage the listener to let their attention drift and be aware of their unawareness. He mentions that the listener is definitely awake, but also suggests that they may already be hypnotized. They emphasize the spaces between words and the possibility of finding something in those spaces. He then focuses on guiding the listener deeper into trance, highlighting the emptiness and blankness of the mind. They suggest that the listener may have been listening too much and may need to wake up, only to fall even deeper into the emptiness. He continues to emphasize the space between words and the blankness of the mind, guiding the listener further into the hypnotic trance. They mention that the listener may only remember the emptiness and blankness, and that they are falling deeper and deeper into the hypnotic trance. The file ends with he stating that the session will soon end, but if their voice continues, the listener can continue to focus on the spaces between words.

FeaturesOpen ending, Amnesia
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