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1 - Sleep Relaxation

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Description A simple sleeping aid, working from a progressive relaxation with some gentle cuddling.
Intended Effect Fall asleep, feeling very relaxed.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a relaxing induction to help them sleep. They are instructed to lay in bed and listen to his voice and the soft melodies, which gradually relaxes their feet. The relaxation then spreads through their ankles, lower legs, knees, upper legs, hips, stomach, and chest. The listener is encouraged to let go and allow themselves to become empty and obedient. The relaxation continues to flow through their shoulders, arms, fingers, and the rest of their body. His voice guides the listener even deeper into a state of perfect relaxation, helping them let go of any ails, pains, or muscle tension. The listener's mind and body surrender and relax, feeling completely empty and obedient. The words "empty and obedient" are emphasized as a way to guide the listener deeper into relaxation. His presence is described as safe and comforting, and the listener is encouraged to allow he to take control and guide them into a deep state of trance. He starts counting down, and with each count, the listener drifts even deeper into relaxation. The listener is reminded that they will only allow he to have this level of control in order to facilitate relaxation. The file ends with the listener feeling empty and obedient, ready to fall asleep. They are told that each time they listen to this induction, it becomes easier for them to drift away on his words and become empty and obedient. The listener is instructed to remove their headset and drift into a deep sleep, with the assurance that they will awaken in the morning.

CategoriesInduction, Sleep
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